Free Live Chat

Live Chat Bot is a TELEGRAM.ORG bot that listens for messages sent from a chat widget you put on your web site and sends them to you in your Telegram apps. When you reply to the Telegram message the bot will relay the message back to the user. Telegram Bots can be added to groups so any group member may respond to the live chat user.

100% Free has committed to making completely free forever messaging software for everyone to use. Live Chat Bot runs on Telegram and operates in this same spirit.

Security Overview

Website <-> bot communication is encrypted via SSL. Bot <-> Telegram comms are encrypted via the same SSL. Telegram <-> you comms are encrypted via mproto.

Telegram provides the ultimate
customer communication tool

Live Chat Bot + Telegram = Customer Satisfaction

Because bots can be added to groups, your entire team can view the incoming chat inquiries together and discuss them internally before responding. Any Telegram group member can respond to a live chat user, so your customer will feel like there is a team of people there to help. Telegram works the same on mobile as it does on your desktop, so you can transition seamlessly between devices while providing support.

Website Setup

A single line of code is all that is needed to chat in real time with your website users!

Sign Up

Sign up for an account and configure a few settings regarding how you will be hosting the chat box.

Update Site

Take the code that you are given in your account and add it to your website right above the </body> tag.

Add Bot

Access Telegram from your device of choice and message the bot directly or add it to a group for live chats.

See what we pretend other users
think about our bot:

Our conversion rate is up so high because of Live Chat Bot I've given everyone a month long vacation w/ expense account.

Jane Doe CEO

I had a million dollars. Now I have Live Chat Bot on my site, and I still have every single one of my million dollars because free.

Jim Doe Millionare

Our ticket queue is now empty because I help people so fast with Live Chat Bot. I now build Telegram bots on the side.

Frank Doe Programmer

Frequently Asked Questions

Are groups secure?

Groups use the same encryption as other Telegram chats and people can only get in to a group by your invite.

Do you save chats?

No. The bot saves the chat long enough to deliver them. Once they are delivered, they are deleted from the database

What is the SLA?

Unfortunately we are currently unable to publish a SLA. If the bot can get a benefactor we will publish one.

Can I donate?

Sure! Donate bitcoin to 1HHH7s9KScYKJ8bf36hTesm3WrbC8pesWY or you can donate via paypal.

What reports are available?

This section is still in progress, but for now we will report on counts only, not content of the messages.

How much is it?

Live Chat Bot, like Telegram, is and always will be completely free. No credit card required.